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May 4, 2020

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We Said Yes To The Address

I feel like the title was more than a fitting blog post, as we have finally said yes to our dream home! It was such a long process. We started this journey back in November. Here’s a little back story. Adrian and I always knew that we wanted to one day own a home of our own. After renting for over 12 years, we prayed that one day our dream would become a reality. After leaving Florida to move to Houston, Adrian began doing some research on first-time homebuyer courses. He stumbled upon the NAACP Homes for Houston course and was able to attend a session to give him more knowledge and insight around the home buying process.

I remember Adrian coming home and sharing his experience with me, he said: “I think it’s time we start looking at homes.” I looked surprised. We were only about 6 months into being Houston residents and I didn’t know too much about the housing market. But with the knowledge that Adrian received from the course he educated me on the steps, we would formally take to start making our dreams a reality. We got a realtor and started looking up neighborhoods. I asked Adrian where would we move? We wanted to be in a family neighborhood, a safe community, and in a good school district. We looked at various places in Houston, but it wasn’t until my sister told me about our current community (I won’t disclose for privacy) but it had everything we needed and more.

We began touring homes, which is such a fun process in itself. We looked at model home after model home, until we came upon one we absolutely loved! Our builder Newmark, had some amazing incentives at the time we were looking. It almost didn’t seem real, everything began aligning perfectly. It was as though God was carrying us every step of the way throughout this process (and we know He did). We decided that we wanted a new build so we could design the home the way we wanted it (of course it was more so me 😉 Adrian was very comfortable letting me pick out our color palette).

The entire design process was so fun! You can see that blog post here. Time flew as the building process began immediately once we signed the paperwork. There were monthly meetings with our sales rep and builders as well as weekly Sunday visits to the home to see the progress. As the days, weeks, months went by we got closer to finalizing everything for our dream home. Then the COVID-19 pandemic hit and the process for finalizing our closing got a little more strenuous. COVID-19 affected a lot of home buyers, especially with their loans. We even went through more leaps and bounds with our paperwork that had us a little uneasy as we got closer to closing on our home.

But with prayer and God on our side, we made it to the end and closed on our first home. To say we are blessed is an understatement. I definitely shed lots of tears of joy as I stepped into our home and marveled at what God blessed us with. And as I think of all the memories we will begin to create, it puts a little sparkle in my heart knowing that we can finally call this place home.

Photos: Lois Photography

This is just the beginning of the start of this awesome journey and I cannot wait to take you all along as we decorate our new home! Make sure you follow us on YouTube to catch all the Vlogs as we journey through the home décor process.

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