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July 2, 2020

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Must-Have Staples for your little one’s wardrobe

#Sponsored by Carters however all opinions are my own.

My daughter is constantly growing. I remember when she was a baby thinking she didn’t need too many outfits. However, I came to realize that was not the case. As a new mom you quickly become aware at how fast your child goes through outfits. Especially as they get bigger. One place that I have truly leaned on for adding essential baby outfits to my daughters wardrobe is Carters. It became quite fun mixing and matching outfits and finding clothing sets for every season.

Carter's Little Baby Basics | Must-have Staples for Your Little One's Wardrobe

Must-have Staples for Your Little One’s Wardrobe

One thing that I love the most about Carter’s would definitely be their Little Baby Basics clothing line! This was a game changer for me as I was updating my daughters wardrobe. I have found so many fresh new styles for my daughter at an affordable price.

Must-have Staples for Your Little One's Wardrobe

The Little Baby Basics line really allows me to be versatile when it comes to dressing Aria and she absolutely loves it! I even let her pick out her outfits. Which helps her become more independent as she gets older. The collection is super soft and comfy, and great for her to wear especially if we are going out to the park, running errands or just around the house. The best part about this line is that there are styles for every season and for every special moment of your baby’s life.

The Little Baby Basics line
Carter's Little Baby Basics clothing

Aria is currently 19 months, but can fit into sizes 18 months- 24 months.

The range of the Little Baby Basics Line sizes go from preemie all the way to 24 months. I remember when I first started buying really cute outfits from other retailers and spending so much money, only for her to wear the outfit one time. It took an immediate toll on our budget, so I would turn to Carter’s Little Baby Basics as a way to save money and still have her wear super cute outfits. So if you have a little bundle of joy or a vivacious toddler like mine, you can save so much by buying from the Little Baby Basics line.

where to buy clothes for growing babies

The precious moments spent with my daughter and dressing her in all the baby girl clothes really allows me to create special memories with her as she grows up.

Whether you are a soon to be mama or have little ones already. Adding fun cute pieces to their wardrobe is essential. And if you are thinking about what to get for your little one, do not hesitate to check out the Little Baby Basics line from Carter’s.

Must-have Staples for Your Little One's Wardrobe

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