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August 16, 2021

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How to move past the imposter syndrome as a Content Creator

As a content creator I know how tough it can be to create content. You spend hours a day drafting captions, taking pictures, recording videos, and so much more to build a community. However, there will be days where sometimes your content gets low engagement. It doesn’t do as well as you would like. So you get down on yourself, you start to question why are you even doing this, what is the point, and you stop posting consistently, you don’t show up as often or even worse you compare your journey to someone else’s. You start to mentally beat yourself up, and become defeated at something that used to bring you so much joy.

Creating Content or being an influencer can be stressful on the business side of things, when analytics are involved, but brands and companies are aware that not everything is going to sky-rocket! When they invest millions of dollars into ad campaigns on a billboard or a commercial the idea is to attract people to what they are marketing. There is no guarantee that if they spend 10,000 on a billboard that 10,000 people will buy their product. The idea is to expose more people to that product through relevant ad marketing.

As a content creator we have all been there. We worry about the things that we ultimately can’t control. But how do we push past comparison and self-doubt, to truly become the best content creators we can be? Well here are a few ways I’ve learned how to stop worrying and start doing.

  1. Seek out therapy. As a content creator sometimes the root of why we are feeling the way we do, might be deeper. The need to feel wanted and accepted. We want to be validated, and when we are not, we become sad. This emotional reaction might stem from something deeper. Take a minute to seek out therapy, it will help tremendously.

2. Schedule/ Batch your content and only spend a designated time on the platform. Many content creators forget that there are so many auto-publish platforms that can help you stay away from the gram. Literally! I know because there will be times that I take a few days off, but I go ahead and schedule the content out and when it comes to commenting I will worry about it in 48hours. I know, so many people will tell you to engage within the first 30 minutes to an hour. But for sanity purposes, that engagement can wait. And if you are worried about engagement, set a timer for 30 minutes to engage on your post and a few other accounts you follow, but get off immediately once that time goes off.

3. Unfollow/Put accounts on Mute. We all know influencers who love to brag on their accomplishments or how much money they have made, they don’t do it to make other people feel bad, I know because I have shared some positive accolades myself. However, some influencers do it a lot and for those that are on their own personal journey, it can overwhelm you or make you feel like your not doing something right. And that is NOT THE CASE AT ALL! If you feel like someone oversharing their success is pigeon holding you, take a step back and mute or unfollow that account. Instagram is to inspire and bring joy, if someone’s account is bringing you anxiety, unfollowing is super easy to do.

4. Hide likes! I know, simple right. I actually love this feature. It takes so much pressure off of you to feel like your content is just a number rather than it being about the actually content. And if you want to see how a post is performing, head to the desktop version of instagram to check! But honey hide those likes!

5. Worry less about what people think and more about what YOU LOVE! I have learned in this world of influencing we are always concerned about what people think of us, when in actuality we shouldn’t even care! This is very similar to how we were in high school, worried or concerned about your popularity status, when the truth is none of that BS matters. What matters is WHO YOU ARE, What you love and what inspires you to be the BEST CONTENT CREATOR you can be! I put alot of love and time into my content and sometimes I care how it performs, but other times I know that this is my job and I treat it as such. I GO HOME AT 5pm! lol Which means that everything shuts down and I worry less about who is liking my shit! And you should too!

Remember that in this world of influencing you have to have a tough exterior, even if your interior feels like charmin toilet paper lol. You have to pursue this craft with love and joy, and let that be your driving force to keep creating! Show up for your community and be your authentic self. Stop allowing the noise to distract you and push through! I believe in you and I know you got this!

If you connected with this post let me know I’d love to hear your thoughts on the imposter syndrome and how you press forward as a content creator?

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