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August 17, 2021

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My Favorite White Home Kitchen Decor Items

One of my favorite places in my home has to be my Kitchen! When we were first building our home, I knew I wanted a white kitchen with gold hardware, and I enjoyed the Kitchen being airy and bright. One downside to the Kitchen is the amount of counter space we have for our accessories, which is why I’ve learned that you only need a few essential Kitchen decor items to elevate your space. Before we jump into those items, I first want to share a few mistakes I made in hopes that you don’t make them too. When buying appliances, try to aim for clear or white in a kitchen; why? Because having clear or white appliances gives the illusion of a bigger space, and they look nice. Now, if you have a dark kitchen aiming for devices that match the overall color scheme, ok, let’s hop into my must-have lists!


The first item on my list is a beautiful flower vase. Everyone and I do mean everyone should keep fresh flowers in their home! It is an instant mood booster. Flowers make your home feel warm and inviting, but it also makes a clean kitchen look stunning. Think of flowers like the bow that goes on top of a present. The present being the Kitchen and the flowers being the bow. This vase from Serena & Lilly has to be one of my all-time favorite purchases. It is large, so it holds a good amount of flowers, sturdy, but also pleasing to look at! I have seen people die this vase, so if you want to save some money, go for it, but to me, it was worth EVERY SINGLE PENNY!!!


Number 2: The second item that I love to have in my Kitchen is my Keurig machine. I opted for white to match my aesthetic. The last Keurig machine I had was a large black one, and I found myself struggling to keep find space for it! These machines are pretty big, so buy smaller appliances if you don’t have a ton of counter space! 

Number 3: Utensil Holder & Wooden Spoons


Number 4: my Air-Fryer, it has been the best thing ever, and I love it. We cook so many delicious meals in it, and the white and black combination is super sleek and fits right in this nook counter space. Find the Air Fryer Here:


Number 5: is a bar cart! This bar cart was such a fun purchase, and I love the rattan material. Another Serena & Lilly purchase that has elevated our entire home!


Number 6: Another item that you will see in our Kitchen is wood cutting boards. These are great to display on the back of your stove. They have so many different ones, from pizza boards to skinny charcuterie boards, mix and match the ones you use! I plan on buying these two below to add to my Kitchen. 


Number 7: Kitchen Aid Mixer- This is perfect if you like to bake! Adrian gave this to me as a Christmas gift probably four years ago, and I have loved it ever since!

Number 8: Clear Bowls. Just opt for everything clear and white! Trust me, anything else won’t give you that clean, airy aesthetic.


Number 9: Clear Jars with Lids. These have to be my favorite thing to see in homes! When you can display something, it instantly makes you love your Kitchen more. Display your flour, brown sugar, sugar, and more! You can even do what Khole Kardashian does and create a fun cookie jar display.

Number 10: Cookbooks! Nothing says home like cookbooks in your Kitchen. Here are some of my favorite ones below. Click here for my cookbook favorites.

Elevate your home every day with these items! They will turn your space into a beautiful kitchen.

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