How to Host A Virtual Gender Reveal



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July 25, 2020

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How to Host A Virtual Gender Reveal

Hi Friends! I hope you got a chance to read my last blog post! It was probably my favorite! It was all about our Virtual Gender Reveal and the Surprise gender of our second baby. We are so elated and blessed to be embarking on this journey again.

How to Host A Virtual Gender Reveal

How to Host A Virtual Gender Reveal

One thing that I am trying to do more on my blog is share more fun and entertaining posts, that inspire you to get creative and have fun planning special events in your life. And that is what I wanted for our Gender Reveal.

When I found out I was pregnant during the Coronavirus (COVID19) pandemic, my heart had two different emotions, very excited but very nervous as well. But with all unsure things, the number one thing I will do is trust in God, that this journey will be amazing.

How to Host A Virtual Gender Reveal

I got super excited about all the fun events I wanted to plan, such as the gender reveal, baby shower or sprinkle, and homecoming. However, I was instructed to hold off on planning a party with multiple guests! It was in my best interests that I practice social distancing to the extreme by limiting my number of interactions with people. Pregnant women are more likely to catch COVID19 because our immune systems are low.

I decided that I wanted to do a virtual gender reveal. I also wanted to share a creative way new/expectant moms could have fun with this virtual experience.

Here’s how to plan your Virtual Gender Reveal:

Step 1: Select a Date!

You will want to send out a fun electronic save the date, or you can create a fun graphic in Canva or purchase one in Etsy and send the Save the Date through text message.

Step 2: Decide on a theme.

You could do a fun honeybee theme, like what will it bee? And send your guests a gift package of honey, cheese and crackers (think charcuterie board in a box)

You could choose not to do a theme and keep it simple with Pink and Blue. I opted for a pink/blue watercolor theme, which is simple enough and doesn’t take a lot of thought for decorations.

How to Host A Virtual Gender Reveal

Step 3: Secure Vendors and Decorations

Personalization on fun decor is key! Hiring a calligrapher to create a sign or a baker to make a beautiful small cake, or personalized cookies. You are likely to have only a few people at your house so they can enjoy your small display and eat the goodies once the gender reveal is over.

I love the idea of having personalized cookies, champagne bottles, and a Gender Reveal cake to add to the experience!

Order a fun Balloon garland and backdrop sign for your reveal. I opted for an inexpensive option from Amazon and it only cost me $15. Most customized setups can range from $300-$800. Which is not in our budget.

Gender Reveal during a pandemic

Step 4: Think of Games or Activities You Can Play/Do Virtual.

A fun way to get your guests involved would be to do a fun cocktail tutorial. You will need to provide the cocktail ingredients for your guests prior, or have them grab it from the store.

You could also have guests play a old wives tale game on guess the gender. Etsy has so many fun gender reveal games. Have guests download the game, print it out and play it via your virtual gender reveal. Or you could send the game via the mail.

Gender Reveal during a pandemic

Step 5: Send out a Fun Invitation Box!

This is such a unique and great idea! It can be a big box or a small box. You can include goodies such as the personalized cookies from your gender reveal display. You can include a fun cocktail recipe (done in calligraphy, this one was done by Lindsey from Yellow Rose Calligraphy) with the ingredients in the box. And you can add your personalized game cards for guests to play.

Send the box out at least 2 weeks prior to ensure the arrival is on time for your reveal. This invitation box is great if you have a small party of 10-20 guests or less. These gorgeous boxes were from Etsy here.

Fun Invitation Box ideas

Step 6: Choose the platform you plan to host your reveal on!

Zoom is such a great tool, it is super easy and it’s free to use for the first 45 minutes. Your gender reveal shouldn’t take longer than that with your games/activities and the big reveal.

platform for virtual parties

Step 7: Send out Invitations for the big Day!

Confirm with all the guests that they received the zoom invite + invitation box. Track all your invitation box packages, to make sure they arrive on time. I recommend sending these out at least 2-3 weeks prior to your event, so they can arrive on time. Double check with guests that they have their boxes.

platform for virtual events

Step 8: Showtime! Setup decorations the day before of the day of the event.

I chose to set up decorations in the morning. We hosted the reveal in the evening around 5:30pm. This ensures that I have enough time to get ready and make sure everything looks nice. I also love having pictures of the day taken, so I hire a photographer/videographer who captures the experience for the big reveal!

Lady Bird Houston cookies

Cookies Provided by: Lady Bird Houston

Wink By Erica cakes

Cake was provided by: Wink By Erica

Step 9: Hosts your guests!

Welcome all guests into your zoom virtual gender reveal event! Thank them for coming. Asks guests to open their boxes. Choose to do the games firsts or the cocktail tutorial and show them how it’s done through the zoom call.

Then after you are done having fun with games, announce that it’s time for the reveal!

virtual baby gender reveal tips

Step 10: Thank guests for attending!

Pretty self explanatory. And now you can rest!

While this may seem like a lot of work it is so fun to plan and so beautiful to see come to fruition. If this is something that you are planning for a friend or family member, make the experience a memorable one! Check out the video below to see how to put your Gender Reveal Box together.

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