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December 29, 2022

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Styling Patch-Pocket Jeans

Patch pocket jeans are a trend I love in 2022, and I am so excited to bring them with me into 2023! Patch pocket jeans are super cute and an elevated version of your typical denim. I have found a pair from Loft I absolutely love, and today I am sharing how to style patch-pocket jeans multiple ways!

Look #1

You all know I love to dress up, so I wanted to find a way to dress up my patch-pocket jeans. The wide-leg fit is perfect for heels, and I love the look! I also added one of my favorite dressy cardigans and front tucked it. Lastly, I threw a wool coat over my shoulder for a classy, chic look that would be gorgeous for so many occasions. To transition this look to a springtime dressed-up look, pair the jeans with open-toe heels and a pretty chiffon top. I love how versatile these jeans are; they are perfect for every season!

Dressing up my patch-pocket jeans

Look #2

While I love dressing up, a cute casual look is always great! I love finding pieces I can wear every day, no matter the occasion. I opted for cute white sneakers when styling my patch-pocket jeans for an everyday look. Sneakers make any outfit more casual, and I love how they look with the fit of these jeans! Next, I added a fun, bright cardigan. Finally, I draped a striped sweater over my shoulders to make the look more preppy. This look is perfect for every day, but it still looks super put together, which is key!

casual outfit with patch pocket jeans

Look #3

If you’re looking for a way to style your patch pocket jeans that isn’t quite so fancy, yet you don’t want to be too casual, this look is for you! Booties are perfect for so many occasions, and they look stunning with these jeans. They are fancier than sneakers but not as formal as heels. Adding a blazer elevates any look and is a great layering piece in your closet. I paired my denim, blazer, and booties with a nice belt and sweater and was ready to go! The perfect look for a date night or a low-key event.

patch pocket jeans with booties

Whether you want to get dressed up, stay casual, or fall somewhere in the middle, there are so many ways to style your patch-pocket jeans! Patch-pocket jeans are so versatile and are a great staple to have in your closet. Have you grabbed yourself a pair yet? If so, what is your favorite way to style them? Let me know in the comments below! I can’t wait to hear your favorites. If you are looking for more winter fashion, check out my post Loft Winter Holiday Looks.

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