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February 7, 2022

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Our House Remodel: First Floor

Our Home, Our Happy Place! Welcome, it’s so nice to have you hear. We call this place Casa De Carter. It’s our lovely safe haven away from the busy world. And after 2020 it became a place that we never could escape. But do you really want to escape your home? No, a home is a place of solitude and peace. We have been in our home for 2 years and have yet to put a full imprint on the interior design. When we first moved I made some first-time homeowner mistakes, buying furniture that was either too big or too small, purchasing furniture that didn’t match the overall aesthetic of the home. And my most regretful purchase was and still is our couch. We were in such a rush to find a great couch that is stain resistant that we just said yes to something we initially thought would be a great idea.

However, as the years past we realized what we needed to really do with our home. And that is take our time. We consulted with an interior designer, jotted our notes down and really broke down, what we needed to work on and how much would it be budget wise. Because furnishing and remodeling a home is not cheap! So we decided that Phase 1 we would work on our first floor. Our concept board is below.


Our goal is to add a molding design and entryway decor upon entering our home. For our living room we will add a stain resistant couch (A must if you have kids) and a new rug. We will also add some beautiful drapes along the high windows and add an accent color above the fireplace. We haven’t decided what we want to do with the main wall in our living room, but my guess is to either leave it as is and add artwork or add molding to it as well.

Our kitchen really won’t get an extreme makeover, I will most likely update the appliances and decor, the only area that will be added to is the breakfast nook. We will most likely add a fun accent wall and some really pretty artwork, with a round rug.

For our entryway which is a space I love we will be adding an artwork sconce light, with shiplap to the back wall and custom artwork and decor to the bar cart!

For our bedroom, this transformation will be one for the books! We will be gutting the floors and adding hardwood floors throughout the bedroom, then we will be adding molding to all the windows. We will also be updating our nightstand decor, mounting our tv and adding more bedroom accessories.

And that is it! We have a lot of work to do! But I am excited for the phases or our remodel to begin! Stay tuned.

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