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August 3, 2016

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Travel Diary: Cancun, Mexico


Picture this, you step off the plane, the sun hits your face, you’re instantly greeted by the chauffeur who takes you to your private exclusive getaway. Upon arrival you see the beautiful architecture of the resort, mind blown you step inside and are instantly welcomed with a refreshing cocktail. You sip the delicious flavors of the margarita and await to escorted to your room, anxious to see the beauty that awaits you.

All inclusive resort vacations always are a good idea. Everyday there was something new to do. Adrian and I danced away our cares to the sounds of salsa; got to make authentic Mexican guacamole; we drove 40 mph in a speed boat across the ocean and scuba dived in the Gulf of Mexico; we swam with a school of fish and experienced the beautiful coral reefs in the world below.

My favorite part about all inclusive resorts are the ability to be in your own world and never feel as though you need to leave your little section of the country. Drinks are always on hand and the rich flavors of the food will have your mouth salivating. Adrian & I on our way to dine at one of the vip restaurants at the resort. Love the dress? Purchase it here.

Food & Beverages 

Views From the Resort



Views from the front part of the Resort 



Last Day at the Resort, enjoying the breathtaking views. Love the dress? Purchase it here. 



Overall visiting the Hotel Zilara was one of the best experiences this summer. Cancun is slowly becoming my favorite place to visit! If your looking for a place to stay then I highly recommend it!

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