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October 3, 2019

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Go & Grow- Blog Series

Hi everyone! First of all, big apologies for neglecting my little blogosphere. I don’t write as frequently as I should and because of it this space goes quiet. I am definitely more active on Instagram than I am here, and that definitely has to change!

I am really excited because lately I have been getting approached by a few of my internet friends on how to start a blog, how to be an influencer and just everything in between. I really love helping people build and conceptualize how to jump into this digital world and because of that I have seen people succeed in their endeavors. Which is why I decided to start a blog series/ Facebook community called Go & Grow. The goal for this series is to really just provide you with the knowledge you need to get started on your creative journey. Whether that be through an insta-blog or a website platform like this! Think of this like a help-ticket space where we can chat about things that you want to know more about!

So what will the Go & Grow Blog Series & Community be about?

+What is an influencer vs. blogger
+How to get started
+How to find your niche
+how to create exciting engagement
+how to land brand contracts
+how to build a contract, media kit, & pricing
+how to automate your content
+how to be your own digital producer
+tech supplies to help you be successful!
+Hashtags to beat the algorithm
+when to post on social
+how to grow your audience
+and more!!!

I really plan on digging deeper and not just sharing my thoughts, but tangible practices that will help you be successful. I will be sharing TONS of FREE templates, worksheets, guides that will genuinely make your brand LIT! That is why I started this community. For You!

In the Facebook group we will have live discussions, I will share education webinars and a ton of resources with you as well! If you are interested in joining the Facebook Community click here.

I hope that within this community you feel empowered to start your creative journey. You utilize the resources that will help you succeed and you feel supported. I know that when I started out I literally tried every paid and unpaid webinar, e-book, and blog post there was out there. I feel like now a days, people just are selling you a load of goods on how to make money from influencing, when that is basically what they are doing capitalizing off your need to make money buy selling courses for $400+ dollars. This journey/community is a space where we can keep it 100 and know that you will build an audience of supportive followers who believe in YOU and YOUR brand.

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