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December 6, 2022

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Costa Rica – What She Said Retreat

Hi Friends I hope you all are well! Life has been moving so fast lately. Especially with the Holidays. If you follow me on Instagram, then you will see that I recently went to Costa Rica with the W Hotel and Bill Kaelin Marketing for the What She Said (Women’s Empowerment Retreat). 

It was such an amazing experience. The What She Said Retreat was created to empower women entrepreneurs to be authentically themselves and to hear from some thought-leaders in the industry who are paving the way in their communities and inspiring other women to do the same. 

This retreat was a three day retreat filled with lots of fun, laughter and networking! The location was insanely gorgeous. 

This was my first solo trip to an international country, so I was extremely nervous but I was so happy and humble to be there. 

When I first arrived off the plane we were greeted with some specialty cocktails at the Hotel. The property was breathtaking! If you’ve never been to the W in Costa Rica I highly recommend it. 

Day 1

We got settled into our rooms. We toured around the property. 

At night we took a mixology class, and let’s just say I was a professional! 

We ended the first night with a Welcome Dinner at the W Hotel’s Cocina De Mercado 

Day 2

The next morning I woke up to beautiful views overlooking the ocean. And then got dressed for our next activity. 

The team had scheduled a marvelous Beach Yoga Session, where all of the girls got to relax, stretch, clear our minds and just become one with our surroundings. 

It was such a breathtaking experience to see the mountains overlooking the water. 

After Beach Yoga, we had some free time to lounge around, grab content (if you follow me on social you got to see some of my pool picks). 

I took this time to get a couple of pictures and videos in and also relax at the pool with the other ladies.

Once free time was up we got dressed and headed downstairs for the What She Said Panel Hosted by Anne Winters COO of the women entrepreneurs inc. with guest speakers Dr. Robin B. Pharmacist & Content Creator and Jessi Rodriguez Costa Rican Content Creator and Body Positive Activist. 

Both ladies shared their personal testimonials to how they have managed building their communities by being their authentic selves. It was so inspiring to hear how these women are allowing themselves to be vulnerable, honest, raw and real. 

It was such a great panel! 

Once the panel was over we headed to the Main area in the Hotel for Live Music and Cocktails. 

Day 3

This day we took a fun catamaran cruise with Panache Sailing to a private island! We relaxed, had cocktails, danced, and had lunch! Some of the ladies paddle boarded, others kayaked (like myself) and we took this time to bond, laugh, capture more content, and just have a great time! 

After the Catamaran Cruise, we headed back to the hotel for our next activity at the Away Spa! My favorite place! 

They had champagne, light bites, masseuses for hands and back! This experience was an opportunity for all of us to relax and unwind after a busy few days! 

Once the spa experience was over we headed back to our rooms relaxed for a bit! And then got dressed for our final dinner! 

This was our farewell dinner where we dined at another restaurant on the W- Hotel’s property called Zona Azul Beach Club. This was such a beautiful night as we all shared how grateful we were to be here and experience the beauty of Costa Rica. 

When we finished dinner, we gathered around the fire and just shared how we could all help and empower each other after this trip. So many beautiful and inspiring messages from each of the ladies. 

I truly can’t thank everyone that put this event on! From the entire Bill Kaelin Marketing team and the Marketing team at the W Costa Rica. 

I will be forever changed by this beautiful experience! 

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