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December 8, 2022

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6 TIPS from the Amazon Creator Summit

This past November I packed my bags and headed off to sunny Los Angeles with Amazon for their first ever Amazon Creator Summit! 

This event was exclusively invite only! Since this was their first Amazon Creator Summit they invited some of their top creators around the states!! Over 100+ content creators gathered to create, learn and connect! 

This summit was an opportunity to learn from the best of the best Amazon Influencers! And if you don’t know anything about the Amazon Influencer Program you can learn more about it here

We heard from speakers like Jessica Alba, CEO of Honest Co; Blake of SignedBlake, Marianna Hewitt Co-Founder and CEO of Summer Fridays; and more! 

There were so many activation stations, where content creators could connect with brands like Microsoft, Sulwhasoo, Contigo and Hyland’s Naturals. 

Overall, it was an experience of a lifetime!

Nevertheless I have to spill all the secrets (well tips) that I learned and am activating in my action plan! 

Tip 1

Diversify Your Content! 

There were so many content creators who utilized all their social channels to share their amazon content! From TikTok, Youtube/Youtube Shorts, Instagram and more! 

Tip 2

Don’t think about it just do! 

Sometimes we second guess ourselves and procrastinate because things need to be perfect! But nothing has to be perfect! You just need to do it! Create the content sis! 

Tip 3

Utilize everything that the Amazon Influencer Program has to offer! As a content creator Amazon has different categories where you can earn commission, from Amazon Home, Fashion, Beauty, & More! 

Tip 4

Utilize Youtube for that evergreen content! Amazon does amazing on Youtube! So record the content, share hauls, best sellers, fun things you found on TikTok! 

Tip 5

Participate in Amazon Lives! This is a great opportunity for you to connect with a new audience on the Amazon platform! 

Tip 6

Be your authentic self and show up! Consistency is key! If you stay consistent and really work on your personal craft you will see growth! Check my TikTok here where I talk about Consistency

I hope these tips helped you! And make sure if you are not following me on my Youtube Channel or Amazon Storefront to do so now! Like right now! Run sis! Lol 

Talk to you all soon!

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